About Us


  1. Casa Aliento was created to give women and people who identify as female an option for better living. We provide Case management and advocacy for Spanish-speaking human trafficked victims in New Mexico. Through different case management and advocacy methods, we offer women the chance to reach true freedom from life-controlling situations – such as being victims of human trafficking, sex trafficking, labor trafficking, sex work and exploitation that affects a woman’s individual freedom and quality of life. Our services  are free of charge to the client and completely funded by donors, church ministries, fundraisers, and businesses.


To give disempowered, exploited, and otherwise abused women an opportunity to experience freedom, God’s wholeness, fullness, and truth in a healthy, loving environment.

We help women discover, improve, become, imagine, believe and most importantly, achieve the life they want to live. Simply put, we want to create an environment where women can breathe again and rediscover the fullness of their worth. We help women navigate resources and advocate with them in their community.