Casa Aliento Mexico

Program Overview at Casa Aliento Mexico

We offer a four phase therapeutic program, inspired by the Holy Bible and dialectical behavioral therapy:

*Phase one: Detox/Isolation: Designed to help the woman accept and prepare for the transformation to come – detox from any form of substance abuse; isolate from physical or verbal abuse – basically, adjust to a new living environment and community.

*Phase two: Discipleship/Study of the Bible: One on one mentorship with a spiritual leader. Women discover biblical truths to build a foundation in Christ. Women will be equipped to enter into her new life – with wisdom and knowledge of how the Lord created her to live, introduction to salvation, and an opportunity to be baptized. Bible study and discipleship continues throughout entire program.

*Phase three: Counseling/Trauma Therapy: We provide Christian-based counseling and different therapeutic methods that will help the woman cope and work through the traumatic life situations that have led her to her current situation. (Phase three is determined by primarily the resident but ultimately the staff; as one must be ready to face the trauma)

*Phase four: Career and Life Skills Training: Women learn a trade or a skill, such as cosmetology, textile design, English classes, computer training, jewelry making, baking and office training. Along with career training, she will learn new ways to live independently (through living in the community), daily chores, and handling a personal, weekly allowance.

During phase four, she is paired up with a social worker/Case Manager to prepare her for the next chapter in life. The social worker assists her in finding a job, a home, and a church community. This will set her up for success.

After four phases and full commitment, and case evaluation; she graduates from the Casa Aliento Program. Time available to complete program is indefinite and will be set as a goal with resident and staff. Staff will evaluate residents stay every three months and reevaluate time limits and appropriate goal reaching.